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Sustainable Investments
TIFF employs ESG analysis across asset classes

TIFF's ESG Philosophy

TIFF believes that incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis into our investment process provides useful insights and a more comprehensive view of risk and opportunity.

We believe that

  • Global sustainability challenges represent both material risks and significant opportunities for investors
  • Disclosure of ESG information by companies is increasing as investors and regulators become more aware of the impact of ESG factors on corporate value and demand greater insight
  • ESG information contributes to a more comprehensive view of industries, businesses, and corporate management teams
  • Workers, consumers, and leaders are increasingly focused on sustainability
  • Corporate approaches to managing ESG factors have long-term impacts and can be sources of competitive advantage or disadvantage
  • Strong corporate governance practices often result in increased transparency, accountability, productivity, and alignment of interests with key stakeholders

Read more about ESG through our Insights Sustainable Investing for Institutions and On Sustainable Investing.

TIFF’s approach is consistent with that of the CFA Institute, which requires Certified Financial Analyst charterholders to consider ESG factors in all investment analyses.

TIFF's ESG Process

Charitable institutions are increasingly interested in aligning their investments for good.  TIFF carefully selects managers who we believe implement sustainability screens and have the ability to achieve long-term investment results.

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