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What Account Information Is Available Online?
Members can authorize individuals to monitor their accounts online. The account monitor shows share balance, account value, and recent trading activity across all of the TIFF vehicles in which a member is invested. In addition, a member's relative return for the mutual funds can be calculated for a variety of time periods.

How Do I Get a User Name and Password?
Member account information is provided to individuals who have been authorized by the member to receive such data. TIFF members seeking to access account information online should contact TIFF by e-mail at memberservices@tiff.org or by phone at 610-684-8200. A person authorized to make decisions for the account will be contacted regarding each request. Following approval, login instructions will be provided via e-mail. Visitors seeking access to alternative investment information should contact TIFF by phone at 610-684-8200 so that we may discuss eligibility. Login instructions will be provided if eligibility requirements are met.

How Is the Account Information Secured?
Our account information is secured by the user name and password. The transmission of this information is encrypted during transit, as is the actual account information. Web browsers typically entrust a third-party company to check that a website belongs to the organization claiming to sponsor it.