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Investing with TIFF

Private Markets

Private Markets Solutions

TIFF’s Private Markets team is the cornerstone of our alternatives program.

With vast experience investing in private markets since 1997, TIFF has committed $3 billion in capital across direct, primary, secondary and PE direct investments.

We favor investing in businesses with strong competitive advantages backed by lower middle market private equity and early-stage venture managers.

Launched first dedicated private market strategy
Committed capital in private markets

Types of Investments

We focus on investments where we believe there is the greatest inefficiency, generally seeking investments in smaller companies, earlier in their life cycle, with strong fundamentals.

Our focus is on lower middle market growth and buyout private equity. We believe managers focused on this part of the market have the opportunity to positively transform their portfolio companies and create real economic value. Our portfolios are diversified by sector, industry, and geography.

We believe great products and companies are created and funded at times that don’t correlate with broader market movements and that great companies are founded across all market cycles. TIFF focuses on seed and Series A managers, concentrating capital in access constrained managers we view as top-tier and selectively in high potential emerging managers.

We invest in lower middle market buyout and growth equity transactions, alongside of trusted private equity partners. We’ll partner with managers to whom we have made fund commitments, as well as with established and up-and-coming independent sponsors. Our focused strategy allows us to partner with high quality managers throughout their lifecycle.

We will opportunistically invest in secondaries transactions, acquiring LP interests in funds and investing in GP restructuring transactions where we know the underlying assets and manager deeply. Secondaries offer potential benefits as investors are typically investing in mature assets and may be able to acquire assets at prices below intrinsic value.

Private Markets

Investment Capabilities

In addition to our diversified offerings, we offer
bespoke offerings to clients to create a customized solution.

Why TIFF for Private Markets?

Focused Strategy

  • Inefficient areas of the market
  • Smaller managers and fund sizes
  • Early-stage venture, lower middle market buyouts and growth equity

Differentiated Access

  • Network through TIFF’s Mission and Board
  • Edge through our reputation
  • Existing manager roster

Underwriting Expertise

  • Tenured team with direct investing, due diligence, & management selection experience
  • Backgrounds allow evaluation of managers and the assets they own
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