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Pittsburgh, PA Roundtable Highlights

TIFF Investment Management hosted a discussion featuring Greg Curtis, Chairman and Founder of Greycourt and member of TIFF’s inaugural Board of Trustees; Ed Grefenstette, President and CIO at the Dietrich Foundation; and Jay Willoughby, TIFF’s Chief Investment Officer about “Global Trade Turmoil: Threat or Opportunity?”.

Laura Kirkpatrick, TIFF Outreach Director, moderated the panel on June 5th, 2019 at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh, PA.

Key topics explored during the discussion included:

  • With the rise of populism and protectionism, are trade tariffs and other barriers to free trade  the “new normal” for global investors? If so, what are the strategic implications?
  • US/China trade disputes: What aspects/issues are most relevant to investors? What outcomes would have the greatest impact on the panelists’ investment strategy? Where are the opportunities for investors?
  • Brexit/European Union: Why should US investors care about the UK leaving the EU? What are the longer term implications for growth and stability in European markets?
  • US/Mexico: What are the short- and longer-term implications of imposition of tariffs on Mexican imports? What sectors/industries are most vulnerable? How is the situation similar/different from US/China disputes?

Attendees also had the opportunity to pose questions. Some questions included:

  • How will the US Federal Reserve respond to protracted turmoil and global economic slowdown?
  • What is the impact of the US/China economic “Cold War” on emerging economies and markets?
  • How should small- and mid-sized endowments capitalize on opportunities relative to large endowments?

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