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Investing with TIFF

Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach centers on seeking to add value through two distinct elements: Customized SAA, advice tailored to your organization's distinct characteristics, and Alpha Generation, a focus on aiming to deliver long-term outperformance in comparison to the benchmark.

Customized SAA

Your Path to Long-Term Success


What exactly is SAA?
SAA stands for Strategic Asset Allocation. To TIFF, SAA means customizing the long-term weightings for the four major asset classes: Public Equity, Private Equity, Diversifying Strategies, and Public Fixed Income. Research has shown that for nonprofit portfolios, SAA is an important driver of long-term outcomes.

How will TIFF customize SAA to my organization?
Nonprofit organizations are different from one another across a variety of dimensions. We work with investment committees to understand financial circumstances, liquidity needs, and risk preferences to arrive at the SAA that fits your organization. Every SAA engagement focuses on delivering an investment program that we believe will allow the organization to better accomplish its mission.

Are there SAA philosophies or best practices that typically extend across all clients?
While we customize SAAs to suit each organization’s distinct circumstances, our portfolios are built upon a foundation of time-tested principles that have contributed to our success. These include:

  1. Equity as the cornerstone
  2. Private Equity exposure as liquidity needs allow
  3. Hedge Funds as a source of alpha and diversification
  4. Fixed Income for liquidity

Alpha Generation

Seeking Outperformance Through Three Key Elements


Asset Class Views

Our modest overweights and underweights to the major asset classes are driven by long-term fundamentals rather than short-term market fluctuations. By patiently waiting for the right opportunities, we believe we can enhance long-term returns.

Manager Selection

The cornerstone of our investment program, largest source of historical outperformance, and most significant source of active risk. We partner with carefully chosen third-party investment managers that we believe can outperform their respective benchmarks over the long-term.

Portfolio Construction

Micro-oriented segments of the capital markets can become dislocated, allowing savvy investors opportunities to generate value. Our portfolio construction approach revolves around skillfully underweighting and overweighting countries, sectors, and industries within asset classes.

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