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TIFF Webinar July 19, 2023Zoom Webinar
Wind of Change - Enhancing Hedge Fund Performance

Join TIFF for an educational webinar and Q&A discussion featuring Zhe Shen, Managing Director of Diversifying Strategies and Fiona Chow, Risk and Portfolio Construction.

2022 saw one of biggest shifts in recent market history. As we emerged from our COVID bunkers to a record rain of stimulus – both fiscal and monetary which caused inflation to rear its ugly head. In response, the FED was initially slow to react but later played catch up in a big way by unleashing one of the most aggressive series of rate hikes in history. This has created a slew of uncertainty in the form of a potential recession, credit contraction, and upheaval of business models designed for a zero-rate environment. Hedge funds, by their adaptive nature have an edge in navigating these uncertain markets.

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Note: This webinar is based on the upcoming white paper, “Wind of Change – Enhancing Hedge Fund Performance”, scheduled to be published July 2023. The link to the paper will be provided once it becomes available.