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TIFF Webinar October 18 | 12PM ESTZoom Webinar
Wind of Change: A Favorable Environment for Hedge Funds

Join TIFF for an educational webinar and Q&A discussion featuring Zhe Shen, CFA, Managing Director of Diversifying Strategies, and Fiona Chow, CFA, Risk and Portfolio Construction, as they explore the paper Wind of Change: A Favorable Environment for Hedge Funds.

2022 saw one of biggest shifts in recent market history. As we emerged from our COVID bunkers to a record rain of stimulus – both fiscal and monetary which caused inflation to rear its ugly head. In response, the FED was initially slow to react but later played catch up in a big way by unleashing one of the most aggressive series of rate hikes in history. This has created a slew of uncertainty in the form of a potential recession, credit contraction, and upheaval of business models designed for a zero-rate environment. We believe that hedge funds, by their adaptive nature, have an edge in navigating these uncertain markets.

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