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About TIFF

Investment expertise to cultivate and enhance your organization’s goals

Who We Are

TIFF is a leading asset management firm dedicated to delivering comprehensive outsourced CIO (OCIO) and private equity investment solutions to primarily endowments, foundations, and other charitable organizations. Our primary objective is to enhance investment returns for our members while also optimizing their costs and reducing their administrative burden.

For over 30 years, TIFF has strived to be the nonprofit community’s most trusted investment partner. We specialize in providing investment solutions that help our members fulfill their mission and achieve their financial goals. We offer two primary solutions for our members – comprehensive advisory solutions, and more specialized asset class specific solutions. As of June 30, 2023, TIFF manages approximately $8 billion, including committed capital, on behalf of our members.

Our Mission

TIFF was founded in 1991 by a network of foundations with the express purpose of
serving the investment needs of the nonprofit community and related entities as an OCIO.

TIFF’s Mission is to be the best OCIO to the nonprofit community by:
  • Assisting endowments and foundations in constructing custom investment solutions that support expenditures while preserving long-term purchasing power
  • Delivering strong and transparent investment returns that exceed client-specific benchmarks
  • Providing investment-related services and broader support services to nonprofits to help them fulfill their organization’s mission
  • Aligning our culture with that of the nonprofit community and broadening our impact on society

Our Credo

TIFF’s credo was created soon after TIFF’s founding in 1991 and has stood the test of time. It remains unchanged.

  • TIFF requires complete honesty of its staff, board, and vendors
  • No member of TIFF’s staff or board shall encourage an organization to purchase a product or service that it does not need
  • TIFF shall be accountable for the actions of its board and staff in the performance of their authorized duties
  • Each member of TIFF’s staff shall be accountable for his or her actions
  • TIFF values candor and encourages staff, board, and vendors to disclose complaints, biases, and real or potential conflicts of interest at the earliest possible time
  • Employment, promotion, and compensation decisions shall be based on merit alone
  • The value of members of TIFF’s staff shall be measured by the enthusiasm and care with which they perform their assigned duties, not by the character of such duties
  • No member of TIFF’s staff is too exalted to perform, when necessary, the duties of the least-senior or lowest-paid employee
  • TIFF seeks to maintain a congenial work environment where patience and humor are the norms
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