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Strategy Director Spotlight Series: Secondary Schools

Strategy Director Spotlight Series: Secondary Schools
Embracing the Endowment Model and Fighting the Tide of Restricted Giving

When people classify nonprofits by type, higher ed institutions are often grouped together. In truth, private colleges and private secondary schools are much more aligned with each other than public and private higher ed. They tend to have additional expenses – which usually mean greater endowment dependence for private higher and secondary ed institutions.

They are also vulnerable to increasingly restricted donor giving, which is affecting all nonprofits.

Finally, private secondary schools face another hurdle: The size of their endowments can sometimes be too small to allow for a fully diversified portfolio – particularly among alternatives.

How should private secondary schools combat these challenges? Click here to find out.

If you have questions about alternatives implantation given your organization risk, liquidity, and spending needs, please reach out to your TIFF member strategy director, or contact TIFF to learn more.

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