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2nd Quarter 2023 CIO Commentary

Back in March of 2022, we at TIFF looked at the challenges that lay ahead and thought discretion was the better part of valor. We trimmed our equity exposure to target weights as equity valuations dropped from stratospheric levels. We also kept our bond exposure short and tried not to take on any extra risk; interest rates rose the most in decades. This strategy worked in relative terms, but we still saw large portfolio drawdowns in 2022.

This is an excerpt from a longer commentary. Please Download the PDF to read the entire 2nd Quarter 2023 CIO Commentary.

TIFF’s Investment Strategies and Market Outlook

In an interview with Dakota Live!, Chief Client Officer, Jessica Portis, CFA, discusses TIFF’s approach to sourcing investment ideas and evaluation process, advantages of pooled vehicles in the OCIO business, strategic utilization of alternative investments, and more!

Insights from Dakota Live! Watch the Interview: TIFF’s Investment Strategies, Vehicle Preferences, and Market Outlook 

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Investment Navigator series: Recap of Stop No. 2 in NYC

In June 2023, the second stop of TIFF Investment Management’s Investment Navigator series was held in New York City, offering industry peers an intimate setting to network and connect with TIFF’s Investments team for meaningful conversations. The format provided ample time for questions and most importantly, an opportunity for participants to exchange valuable insights.

CIO Jay Willoughby and Managing Director of Equity-Oriented Strategies Trevor Graham addressed various attendee interests including the direction of markets, intriguing trends in technology and venture capital, as well as insights into private equity, real estate, and ESG considerations. Jay also shared his economic outlook, sparking engaging conversations as investors seek new ideas in an increasingly volatile environment. Attendees actively participated with questions and comments, exploring topics such as the interplay between rising interest rates and valuation multiples, the complexities of inflation, the attractiveness of private credit, and the examination of China as an investable market.

The next and final stop on TIFF’s Investment Navigator series is coming to Boston, MA.

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