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Hedge Funds Are Positioned to Continue Their Strong Run

Zhe She, Managing Director of Diversifying Strategies at TIFF, was quoted in the April 26 issue of Institutional Investor on the performance of hedge funds in the first quarter of 2023. He suggests hedge funds can outperform the market going forward, particularly those focused on high-yield credit strategies, as market dispersion continues to widen.

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TIFF’s 2022 Sustainability Report

TIFF’s 2022 Sustainability Report shares the various ways in which TIFF incorporates ESG and DEI into our firm culture and investment processes. We provide information on TIFF’s estimated carbon emissions and offset plan, corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives, sustainable investment principles, and manager diversity. In 2022, we made continued progress in sustainability with a particular focus on mitigating and managing climate change and supporting the inclusive growth of the asset management industry.

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Investment Navigator series: A Recap of Stop No. 1 in Chicago

Connect with peers and TIFF’s Investments team in person to share key investment insights. These events are tailored to address our members’ most pressing concerns and focus on providing perspective around today’s complex investment landscape.

In March 2023, TIFF Investment Management launched our Investment Navigator series. This series aims to bring together industry peers in different cities to discuss important investment topics and how investors are accounting for them through portfolio management. Each event will provide an intimate setting for members to network and ask questions of TIFF’s Investments team. Whether you are an endowment, foundation, or other institutional investor, the Investment Navigator series is an excellent opportunity to connect with peers, share your point of view, and learn from the TIFF team.

The first stop in our series was Chicago, IL. CIO Jay Willoughby, and Managing Director – Equity-Oriented Strategies Trevor Graham addressed such market considerations as inflation, cash management, and the role of private equity today. Attendees raised concerns about preserving cash and ensuring the safety of cash on hand, particularly for smaller endowments and foundations. They also asked about TIFF’s strategic asset allocation and whether we were making tactical moves in response to inflation. Private equity was also discussed, with questions about valuations and whether TIFF was still generating positive returns in light of the current market environment.

Get ready, the next stop on TIFF’s Investment Navigator series is coming to New York, NY.

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Hedge Funds Face Softening Investor Appetite for Private Asset Deals

Zhe Shen, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Diversifying Strategies group at TIFF Investment Management, was quoted in the April 5 issue of FundFire regarding investor interest in a hybrid model of public and private investing. According to Shen, the recent public equity market downturn has directly impacted directional hedge funds’ historical track records in real-time, likely causing investor interest in this model to slow down.

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1st Quarter 2023 CIO Commentary

March Madness

Recent market action calls to mind a quote attributed to Vladimir Lenin: “There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” The past year and the past several weeks feel more significant than normal. We thought a brief recap of what got us here, where we are, and what the future might hold could be helpful. With events today moving fast, this letter will probably have a shorter shelf life than some of our other commentaries, except that you will forever be able to tease us for making projections of any sort in such a turbulent time.

This is an excerpt from a longer commentary. Please Download the PDF to read the entire 1st Quarter 2023 CIO Commentary.